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Mk2 Capri

Here’s my 1975 Mk2 Ford Capri GT. I purchased the car back in 2006, in Nelson, from a woman that had owned the car for an impressive 25 years.

After owning and slowly working on the mechanicals while I enjoyed the car, I had it paneled and painted in 2012. The car has been repainted in the original “Phoenix Orange”, which when you go researching, you discover that Ford had about five different versions of phoenix orange around this time.

Running the 2L OHC motor, I have added a fast road cam, extractors and electronic ignition. It’s still running the original carburetor, although it does have some bigger jets. The motor doesn’t produce any amount of horsepower, but will quite happily sit at 100kph most of the time on the open road. Still running the original 4-speed gearbox, when you’re on the open road, the car is revving quite high – but you are sitting in the middle of it’s torque band and can drive the car on the accelerator. There’s no better driving experience than a flat twisty lake road in a rear-wheel drive car with no assisted steering. The car communicates everything through your hands and feet, it’s such a visceral experience.

CapriGlenham3 20140206_135635 CapriGlenham2 colour1 colour2 CapriPanel6 CapriPanel5 CapriPanel4 CapriPanel3 CapriPanel2 CapriPanel1 CapriTeretonga CapriSouthlandTyreCentre CapriLumsden CapriPaint CapriGlenham